Baby born in Norway having nose like elephant

It is reality as one baby comes in this world with having the appearance of elephant with long trunk in Europe. According to some reports, at first the parents of the baby wanted to hide him from the whole word but they failed. They want to keep it as secrete but they feel it very soon as it is difficult task for them to hide him.

It became more difficult especially when baby had resemblance with the face of elephant. Setting aside all these issues, the birth of this elephant shaped baby was celebrated at high level in India and they admired him to the sky. But this miracle has been happened in Europe in Norway.

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Actually the Hindu community worships their God named Ganesha which has too many limbs like man with one head similar to elephant head. Once the existence of that elephant like baby reached to media, the private life of that couple was extremely disturbed like 24/7. The parents requested to media as they had wish not to hang on before their home for long.

Parents of the baby requested to all of them to leave them alone as they were earlier. Alexandar and Lola Andersen are the parents’ name of that baby boy. Lola Anderson says they both already very upset after having their child’s appearance and we are getting more disturbed by the people. According to his mother, his baby look does not mesmerize them at all as he has long nose like elephant trunk. They seem very disturbed from Hindu community.

This child has been very famous not only in Europe but also around the world and people are very crazy to see him with their naked eyes. It is also said the baby has started to name with John Doe but his parents did not name him. It seems as both husband and wife did not want to name this child due to his unique elephant like appearance.

In Europe, this kind of miracle reveal for the first time and according to some reporters his mother says they would want to give him a name and are considering naming him like very different but special. Conclusively, it appears as they are revealing their true intentions disrespectfully about their own mutant baby which does not suit as they also had intention to hide him initially but could not.

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