Azan: Mesmerizing Sound in the World

In the whole Muslim World, when the dawn breaks it comes with the mesmerizing sound of Azan. All around the world, at the time of dawn breaking, thousands of Muezzins start proclaiming of Allah almighty and Risalat of the holy Prophet (PBUH). So this process starts in the very beginning of the day and continues till the night.

Islam does not complete without Azan. The lexical means of Azan is “to know” and “to announce something”.  It is called out five times a day by a Muezzin from the mosque. The purpose to recite is to recall or announcement to the Muslim community for prayer time. It is totally unique in its style having Arabic phrases that need to be recited in given order.

It was recited for the first time in Makka at the time of Miraaj. To recite it for mentioning the prayer time was became a command on first Hegira. It is esteemed for those who have devoted themselves to recite for the happiness of Allah. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said the person who recites the Azan in his daily routine life and does not quit, he will get paradise with equal benefits as a martyr will get.

The first Muezzin of Islam was Hazrat Bilal R.A who had mesmerizing voice to perform this act. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) himself deputed Hazrat Bilal R.A to recite the Azan. It was one of the best features of Hazrat Bilal due to which he was very famous.There are many hadits about it to listen calmly and also inspired to answer it.

Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) who said that the person who will become the Muezzin will get the domes of pearl with the fragrance of musk in paradise.The Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) said that if it comes to know on my ummah how much reward they can get, they will definitely fight with another to recite Azan.The most important thing about Azan is that it never be recited by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). But Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) has told us countless advantages to recite it in this immortal life and in the paradise as well.


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