Awkward Marriages around the World

Awkward Marriages mean the marriages with animals that have no sense but happened on this earth, off and on. Off course, the story is about the marriages of Human Being with Animals but with logic sometimes and sometimes without any logic. There are many marriages have been recorded around the world in which couples seem happy most of the time. But the marriages which are recorded in India, it does not give pleasure to Human Being. Here we have some material about these marriages to share with the readers.

The most common animals that have got enjoy being a partner of Human Being are very little in counting such as Dog, Cat, Dolphin, Cow, Goat, Horse and Snake. In January 2004, one UK citizen female got married with her two tabby boys named Lugosi and Spider and also got certificate of her marriage. She released the statement and said she could not find anyone who could make me happy except my tabby twins.

One German Citizen named Karl Lagerfel, a fashion designer, declared to marry with the cat. He is renowned as head designer of a fashion house and has his recent residence in Paris. He stated he nerve thought of having love feeling for his cat. Another German Citizen is also on the record who got married with his cat in May 2010.

In 2010 in June, another example of awkward marriages was also arranged between man and cow. This marriage was a punishment for a man as he had some extramarital relations with her. In 2006, one British Citizen married with dolphin (Cindy). Sharon Tendler saw her life partner in a show so she fell in love. One thing is more important to share Cindy is a Male Dolphin.

Given Clip is also about the marriage of one female named Mangli Munda with dog in India. Girl is also sharing her views as the whole atmosphere of wedding ceremony is teasing her. She further tells the actual cause to marry the dog. As villagers have their belief that the girl will be saved after passing the evil spell towards dog. So the whole practice was just to save the girl from evil spell.

Some examples are also coded about marriages with dog community like as one Australian Citizen became the partner of his best friend named Labrador in November 30, 2010. There also many examples of awkward marriages as to marry with goat in Sudanese in 2006. Marriages with horse and snakes have also been recorded around the world.

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