Awkward Gestures happens around the World

One man tried to flee by using suitcase and it happened right at time when his girlfriend came in jail for meeting gestures. After having meeting, she decided to escape his boyfriend by using her suitcase which seemed big. Man also accepted his lover’s offer and offered himself to do so.

The whole game disclosed eventually when the guards noticed the gestures of that 19 year old girl. She got nervous after having her boyfriend in the suitcase and could not maintain her stamina. She started to look nervous too much as guards were already noticing her movements.

When the guards had full conviction as something going to be wrong, they interrupted her movement out of the jail and demanded for checking. When they opened the suitcase they were totally amazed after having one man in the suitcase. They captured both boy and girl at the spot.

Maria del Mar jona was the name of that girl who tried to escape her lover from jail but also became the partner of him. Juan Ramirez Tijerina was sentenced with 20 years in jail due to having some illegal objects which were not allowed by the governments.

Some reports also speak as both are the husband and wife by common-low. Talking about the condition of the Mexican prisons, they are considered to be very dangerous and ruthless. In the same year, one warden also had become the victim when he was on his routine inspection visit in jail.

One of famous channel also reports about such types of cases as there was also another case happened in the same year in Spain. That person also tried to escape from airport security by using the same method but caught. According to them, this method is going to be viral around the world which needs to be checked at any cost.

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