Are Cabs and Rickshaw Drivers equally treated in World

Thousands of People are attached with the profession of Cabs driving in the whole world. By attaching this profession, hundreds and thousands of people get their livelihood. Cabs driving profession also plays significant role to provide employment numbers of people and helps to diminish the unemployment. Not only in the big cities of First World Countries like London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and New York but also cities of Third World Countries are also getting benefit from this profession.

New York is one of those cities that have numbers of cabs for New York citizens. New York Citizen prefers to use these New York cabs for transporting purpose from one place to another. Using of cabs suits citizens of New York as it also offers less fare as compare to their own van expenditure. To get the license of New York Cabs considers difficult task as it directly related to the lives of human beings.

After having a brief analysis over London Cabs, same is the situation here as in New York. Along with London Cabs, there is also another service that is providing facilities to the tourists and the theatergoer. This service requires no need of license or motor engine but strong legs. Yes! It is the Rickshaw service that has left helpless to all cabbies due to their nonprofessional ways of driving. Rickshaw Association claims of having 700 drivers who are facilitating rest of the London Citizen.

Now Cabs drivers of London City are directly facing the awesome driving performances of these Rickshaw drivers on roads. Earlier in last year, they also faced some problems from the applications of Uber Company. In last year, Cabbies from all Europe protested against this Uber policy and they snarled to traffic across the whole Europe in response of Uber policies.

As per above discussion, it seems these cabbies or Rickshaw drivers have a great contribution to lessen the unemployment around the world. They also present their services at the time of need without any excuse. So why they are treated badly during their service time as people forget their mannerism as they pretend in their own societies. In last days, one example of bad behavior was aired on social media in which one passenger was mistreating to Cab Driver.

Same example of bad behavior one can also see in the given video in which one old lady is mistreating with Rickshaw driver. Rickshaw driver is trying to slip away from this situation but in vein as he tells to her he has some urgent piece of work. So Rickshaw driver has no other option except to give service that lad. But that lad proves very kind to that Rickshaw driver and let him do his own work first.

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