Another Great Job Done by ISI

Washington: One American Institution named American Crime News in New York ranked ISI at top position after having a brief study over its efficiencies. Efficiencies are counted against the rivals that any agency faced alongside the resources which are being provided by its government. As per report of American Crime News in New York, ISI works in some extraordinary ways as others have not ability to do like this way.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) finds its position at 2nd number after ISI which belongs to American Crime News; however, it is the emblem of purity as this institution could not place its own agency at first position. They worked magnificently and after having stressed research they reached at this point to nominate ISI at the top.

Many other agencies also on its way to get achievements like ISI and governments are focusing on its agencies efficiencies by providing required resources as much as they can. Undoubtedly, intelligence agencies definitely require maximum resources for its efficiencies but the main factor which creates difference among all of them is about the planning and strategies which keep them in front rows.

In the given footage one anchor is telling the story about one ISI officer who became traitor with his country and started to find out secrets for enemies. When the leader of ISI found as one of his officer has become traitor and now working for other intelligence agencies he remained calm and said nothing.

According to anchorperson who is saying in the given footage as he has listened all this story from leader of ISI, he says some officials started to follow him as where he goes and to whom he meets. ISI officers started to give him wrong information whenever he asks from them about anything.

So after passing some time, ISI officers traced all his other comrades who were working with him for other intelligence agencies. They were all caught and punished by ISI. In this way, ISI works for its country and never takes actions in hurry. If officers of ISI take action earlier against that traitor it becomes impossible to trace out his other comrades.

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