An amazing funny clip From Funny Italian Movie

The hardest thing in the world is to make someone laugh as it is done in this Italian Movie. It is admirable when someone makes you happy by his acting. We all have watched thousands of amazing funny clips in our life. There are lots of Hollywood comedy actors who are quite famous in the world and they are making classical comedy movies to give us something to cheer about.

We have really big names in Hollywood who are making comedy movies like Vince Vaughn, Steve Carrel, Jonah Hill, Will Ferrell and many more. They are all trying to make this world little less stressful with their great efforts. Have you watched The Hangover or Dumb and Dumber, these were really great movies.

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The amazing funny clip of Italian movie that I have selected for you is from old classical Italian comedy movie and its extremely amusing. In this amazing funny clip a man was traveling on his bike through wheat field. He saw another man laying near the donkey, he asked the man that do you know what time is it now? He replied after lifting the balls of donkey that its 10 past 10.

He was surprised on his funny reaction he thought the guy is making fun of him so he asked him again but reply was the same again. The man on bike saw his watch and left the place without any further arguments. He had question in the mind but he could not ask due to hurry.

After sometime the man on bike came back and he saw that man who was still there he asked him about time and that man lifted the donkey’s balls again and told him time. He was shocked when he saw accurate time on his watch it was same as that man told. This Italian movie clip got viral among Italian people and also in in the whole world.

After seeing this amazing funny clip, one can easily understand the reality as the man in wheat field actually watching the big wall clock that is placed in a building right back side of his donkey. He was just giving a slight push to the balls of donkey and had a direct look on that wall clock.

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