Amjad Sabri’s case move one step forward

Our authoritative organizations discover progress on account of Amjad Sabri as appearance of one of offender’s moms. She went ahead air on the system of Shahzeb Khanzada at Geo TV. As indicated by her, she was enlightened by quantities of individuals concerning the portrayal of the guilty party.

She assist adds as individuals were gotten some information about her child. Individuals further told as the portrayal has likeness with her child. She was flabbergasted subsequent to listening to this and she chose to examine it by her won. She said she found as they all were great was as taking after with her child.

She promote advised to anchorperson as her child does not come at home for most recent three years. On further addressing, she told as he ran with Tahir Lashari from the home and never returned. As indicated by her, Tahir Lashari has a place with Layyari territory and he is likewise extremely unsafe by his calling.

She additionally got some information about her child’s awful addictions and she couldn’t spare him from terrible organization. She advised as she herself gave rupees to satisfy his undue requests which would not have been satisfied at any expense.

In the wake of listening to her entire meeting, she herself appears to be in charge of her child’s present circumstance. She didn’t stop him over his awful organization and activities. She likewise conceded as it was not fitting for him to carry on like and now she is confronting perilous results.


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