Amitabh Gives Shocking Interview

When an anchorperson of private channel asked Amitabh about the relationship with the neighbors, he spoke in the favor of relationship and asked he believed to have good relation with neighbors. Actually from the day first, very important countries of sub-continent never heave a sigh and always have remained in the state of animosity.

Amitabh gave wonderful reply when it was asked about the role of entertainment and arts, he says he never feels any harm feelings with those who come from across the border and work in Bollywood but he feels proud as Bollywood has created a platform for both nations to come close with each other. According to him, this time it would definitely be wonderful medium in which only love and affection exist.

Amitabh Bachchan enhances his reply in this term as we both nation have same language with multiple other functions which are performed with the same pace at the time of marriages and engagements. So we should consider to be lived together without any reluctance and it can happen as we both have lived before partition.

Amitabh also admired a lot of Drama Serials and the actors and actresses who work in those serials. According to him, he believes as Pakistani Drama Serials are ranked at better level than his own country’s Drama Serials. He also pointed some Drams serials of his own time when he used to see drama serials of Pakistan.

He further told about the channel with the name of Zindagi which is opened in Indian in which Pakistani Drama Serials are telecasted. According to him, it is very good medium to come close people of both sides and he also appreciates this effort of those who do this. During his interview, he also shared some of his personal life secrets.

According to him, he said his mother was belonged to Faisal Abad who studied in Govt. College Lahore. He further told about his grandfather from maternal side who was lawyer in Karachi. He says he never has any harm feelings for those who live across the border. But he feels happy when he sees people who come here in Bollywood and work together.

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