Amitabh Bachchan Praises Drama Serials

In one of private channel, amitabh bachchan one of famous actor of Bollywood gave interview in which he speaks about the relationship of most important countries of sub-continent. On asking question about the tense relationship between these two countries, Amitabh gave very wonderful reply and said we must not abolish our efforts to remain in calm condition.

When anchorperson asked him about the role of arts and entertainments, Amitabh further prolonged his answer and said it would definitely be proved as a good medium to come close two generations which always remain in tense conditions. He further threw light on the ethics regarding neighborhood and said it is considered as a good symbol to have good relations with the neighbors.

He further said as we both countries have same language, same culture and many more to talk about so there should be no issue to be gathered. He further says in his interview as he has positive feelings when somebody comes in my country and works in Bollywood. According to him, this medium of arts and entertainment can be worked positively in this regard.

Amitabh Bachchan further praises Drama serials of Pakistan country and said openly without any shame as these Dram serials are better than Indian Drama Serials. He further pointed out the Zindagi channel which is recently launched in India in which Pakistani serials are shown. In one report, numbers of Indian people have been addicted to these Drama Serials.

He also admitted the marvelous acting of senior actors of Pakistani Drama Serials in which numbers of legends worked and got fame across the border. He also praised the incumbent actors and actresses who are working passionately in Drama Serials. He says that we also should increase our relations in terms of arts and entertainment and never see back.

He also admits the scorching reality of political condition which always remains at alarming side. But he also said he never felt any difference between these countries. He further shares his personal life with the anchorperson as his mother has been a student of Govt. College of Lahore and his grandfather from maternal side also has performed his duties as a lawyer in Karachi.


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