Amir Liaqaut’s Inaam Ghar bans by PEMRA

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority put boycott to Amir Liaqat’s Inaam Ghar show in which Amir has all through its first season. As indicated by introductory reports, PEMRA banns to this show at first for three days if channel would cross any points of confinement then it can be upgraded or can be shut the channel. The media administrative power at first issued Show cause notification to administration of Geo Entertainment.

As per reports, the show is to confront the Show Cause notice because of demonstrating some unreasonable scenes by the host, Amir Liaqat. He demonstrated scenes of young lady who was put her life in risk before camera. Then again, Amir Liaquat with his administration couldn’t deal with a channel call process through which administration can stop to undesirable calls.

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As indicated by sources, one female called to Amir Liaqaut and began to talk about foul discussion with him. She was telling around one young lady who had extramarital relations with somebody before wedded life. She said after her wedded life her significant other discovered some place about her ex-deed and he began to hurt her better half.

She didn’t stop over it and she facilitate imparted to Amir Liaqauat and on air as her better half constrained her to put her obscene organs in her mouth. It was the most disgusting discussion which had been ever recorded in any live appear. Amir Liaqat himself requested that her not take direct names of the organs but rather she didn’t stop and get to be motivation to stop the appear.

In the following, PEMRA had complaint over another deed in which one individual compelled to chide just in the voracity to win the bicycle. It was all done in the show of Amir Liaqaut who ran his religious show at first time and included in twitter motions in second time amid Ramadan.

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