American Singer says she is no more Atheist

One American Singer named Jennifer Grout at the age of 23, has not ability to utter a single word of Arabic, having very rare abilities of singing: started to sing Arabic songs so beautifully, so fluently and so softly including traditional Arabic ones. She got her presence among three-finalist when she participated in Arabs Got Talent in 2013. In last year, one video had been aired regarding this American Singer as she was converting to Islam.

As everyone can easily clear his notions about American Singer as she is converting after reciting Arabic verse in the given video. So Jennifer Grout told one private news agency as she has embraced Islam but the released video is not real. She told that the aired video was a scene of one Moroccan movie that she made before appearing in AGT.

According to American singer Jennifer Grout, she got frightened after seeing that clip on internet as it would end up everything. She was getting nervous as she could not find any chance to tell her closest ones and parents as well. The headlines of breaking news about my converting Islam would disturb a lot to all my closers. However, after some time, she opened up and said she was no more frightened on what she had done.

If we saw in previous decade, numbers of people are embracing Islam in USA and other western countries including UK, Germany, France and many more. According to one report, only 2 percent people attend the Church of England every week. People are converting to Islam, women are at rising position. In London Central Mosque, a part of Regent’s Park, after having roughly counting, about two thirds are those people who have recently converted to Islam only in London City.

According to another report regarding Muslim community of USA, about 4 million converts have been added in previous ten years. People seem fed up of having colorful nights in night clubs. Most of the converters claim of having lot of peace which seems nowhere before converting. Logically speaking, only Islam is the religion which provides logical answers to all questioning people around the world and they get answerless.

The state of being answerless forces them to think positively on Islam. So they started to work on it and embraced Islam after completing the research. That American Singer, Jennifer Grout, also had some negative views about religion as she was Atheist before converting but after meeting her fiancée who made her positive toward religion, she decided to embrace Islam.


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