American Priest Allows to Recite Azan in Church

New York: American Priest had given the permission to Muezzin to recite Azan in the Church in 2011. It was Marble Collegiate Church in New York, where an American Muslim recited Azan. Actually an event was arranged by the Christian American Group in which the people of big three-religion were invited having the purpose of peace in the whole world.

This event was renowned with the name of inter faith dialogue. After reciting the Azan Muezzin excited a lot and was sharing his thoughts with his age-mates contentedly. He further explained about the mesmerizing effects of Azan on his soul and was fascinated with the whole way of reciting Azan.

It was also observed when he went outside of the church many youngsters encircled him and started requesting him to recite Azan again. Youngsters who requested they were also stated to recite Azan with the same style of Muezzin. People were astonished as they were getting hypnotized with the mesmerizing sound of Azan.

In the church of New York, the whole meeting of different religions people were arranged with specific purpose. In his address, the Priest threw light on the burning issues in the whole world. He succinctly delivered his message towards the listeners which was related to peace on this earth.

Priest tried his best to deliver the message in the simplest way for better understanding of the people. He insisted to listeners to become a part of peace and to extend it at their best level. He said every person must consider the happiness of others who are living on the same planet.

Priest requested to the whole viewers to share these notions with all their beloved relations. He said just extend your love and goodwill towards the human beings and replicate it. This process will make you happy in reality.

New York is the city of USA in which people of the all religions are living from all around the world. It was the perfect attempt to gather those communities for the peace purpose. In this way, the church community played very important role and set the example for peace process in the whole world.

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