American Air Hostess at Dubai Airport

Very dramatic situation creates when pilot of Boeing 747 orders terrified passenger to have brace position for curious landing. Actually pilot was going to perform emergency landing due to some technical issues in landing gear. The whole passengers were terrified after listening the emergency landing.

The Boeing 747 had more than 400 passengers on board and was going to its destination when it had to make emergency landing on nearest airport after having technical fault. According to management they were going to launching investigation to find this frightening episode with Boeing 747.

Footage during the landing also shared on different internet portals by some girls group who were having some reaction at same times when it needed to land emergency. Other footage from inside of the aeroplane of frightened passengers was also shared. Rescue teams were also scrambled within seconds.Videos also show how pilot gives strong decision for the passengers of Boeing 747 to have brace position until Boeing 747 got the unassailable position. After having safe landing, the passengers cheered spontaneously and admired to pilot. They also gave him the name as Dave when they were landed safely at airport.

Talking about girls, who were busy in amusement while dancing and jumping here and there, also got shocked after seeing the weird condition of the aeroplane. It left all of them in astonished condition as they never had been witnessed for those types of events. It was totally unique, exceptional and matchless.

The landing of this jumbo aeroplane Boeing 747 was completely safe according to reports instead some few who had some minor injuries. The rapid reaction of emergency service also shared its part to rescue the passengers that was applaudable. The examples of this response should be at vast level around the world.

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