Amazing Prank astetonished Citizen of France

One amazing prank who has left astonished to the citizen of France and has been viral not only in the citizen of France but also in the whole world. It has been viral on all internet portals like facebook, youtube, dailymotion and google. People have started to search this prank on different internet portals.

Undoubtedly, the actors who have worked in this difficult prank which seems very easy in plane angle, they all seem very capable for this job. The whole prank is recorded on the roads of France and with the citizen of France and they did not mind it when it was experienced with them. They welcomed that prank with open heart and they did not utter anything wrong.

Sometimes people got angry when they have some these types of experiences but all the people who have seen in the footage all seem very cooperative when they came to know as it was nothing else but just a prank. On the other hand, all the associates who worked in the prank are very capable and professional in their field.

Talking about the prank, in the first scene there is a big hall or ground where numbers of people are walking here and there for their daily routine work. Actually it was the scene which was created for the prank, one person who was not the actor asked something from one man who was the part of the prank and wanted something from him.

That actor was telling him according to his demand and at once he fell down without any delay. When he fells down all other associates who are waiting for his response they are also started to fell down after him. That person really shocked after the response which he got from him and all other people when they all fell down abruptly.

It has been liked too much by the all citizen of France who had watched this prank. The people or victims who became the center part of this prank did not leave any negative remarks when they came to know about the prank. Some critics also appreciated a lot to all the actors who worked in the prank as it was not easy to work in group form.

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