Amazing claims of old woman

Watchmen every so often fear that their children might just eat anything they see—like earth and stones. Adolescents have a penchant for putting in every practical sense anything in their mouth, and it is an inclination that will soon break taking after two or three years. Nevertheless, for this 78-year-old woman from India, the way to continuing with a long life is from eating sand her whole life!

As a child, Kusmawati experienced horrifying bloating and astound stomachs routinely. In any case, as showed by her, when she started eating sand, the torment left and her ceaseless stomach torment was cured in a matter of moments.

While others would draw back basically contemplating eating soil, Kusmawati claims sand has a salty and sweetish taste to it that it has a flavor like sugar to her!

As showed by masters who have investigated Kusmawati, the sand doesn’t seem to harm her in any occasion, in spite of the way that she eats sand routinely. Regardless, various people are stressed that she may have prosperity complexities that aren’t unmistakable.

Her bizarre dietary issue is thought to be a sort of Pica, an affliction which gives sufferers a strive after substances with no feeding worth.


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