Ali Muhammad Replies to Indian Politician

Ali Muhammad gives wonderful reply to Indian Politician who has delivered very immature statement against Pakistan Sovereignty. Ali Muhammad replies politely and delivers mature message in response. He simply says that they were not even able to attack or occupy on Pakistan in 1947 and after it in 1965, so this time we are far better than Indian army.

He further speaks about the stupidity of those elements that always remains after Pakistan and wants to get cheap fame among their nation. He further explains about the nature of such politicians who do not want to have better relations with Pakistan. They always live in the state of dreaming and think like they have ability to occupy over Pakistan.

According to Ali Muhammad, we are better than their army skills, their war technologies and in many more and these are not speculations but realities. Our army has won the title of world best army. Our army is better in Siachen Glacier, also competing skillfully to the dangers in every corner of Pakistan. If our army faces some difficult situation, they will definitely have its nation behind them.

He reports in very decent manner and says that it will help for Pakistani people to understand about the nature of Indian Politicians. There are many people in Indian leadership who have only one agenda just to eliminate Pakistan from first day. Off course, it is nothing but a dream of fool people. There are numbers of people (politicians and intellectuals) in India who considered their duty to speak against Pakistan off and on.

If we note the politician who delivers this statement, we will definitely be surprised as he is the member of BJP. BJP is the sitting government party in India and its leadership often has shown the intentions to have good terms with Pakistan. Leaders of both countries also have sent special gifts for their families on different occasions.

On the other hand, the same party member is giving negative remarks even directly threatens to sovereignty of Pakistan. BJP should interrogate about this statement of his party member and must be replied to Pakistan. Pakistan government should also raise the question in Indian consulate on this stupid statement.

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