Ad Agencies started to Work Against Religions

When it talks about advertisements of television and computer marketing, no one can beat the ad agencies of European countries like United Kingdom, USA and Canada. The freelancers are the ones who are going to rock in the world by their extraordinary working abilities. In fact above said countries are the pioneers in the field of commercial marketing especially in ad making industries. They find ad agencies as a most effective source to sale their products.

If we talk about the freelancers they are the most favorite figures going to be considered for today’s requirements. They have very wonderful approach to make ads to fulfill the current market demands. That is the reason those freelancers ad agencies becoming more popular than others due to their quality work.

But now a days, due to lot of work companies are started to make fool to their users. They have started to lose their quality work especially in Third World Countries. It may also be because of the absence of any monitoring powerful institute that can have control over these ad agencies. They are making such stupid ads which have no logical sense.

In the given video, everybody can have a look over one private mobile company which are promoting his latest mobile and featuring its battery timing. But the idea for promotion of the mobile and its battery is totally against Islamic values. It is impossible to describe the given idea in the words. So just have a look on the commercial and then judge the mentality of the ad maker who did not care of religious values of Islam and made it just to increase the income.

Undoubtedly, Islam allows to their followers to have business and to promote also but in reasonable ways. If anybody wants to promote their business by using wrong methods so it should not be allowed especially in Islamic countries as Islam itself does not allow for it. A room must be given to the owner of this mobile company as it may possible that this commercial may be not discussed with him.

So we request to the owner of this company to remove this ad as soon as possible as it does not suit for commercial purpose and also for his company as well. We hope that ad controller agencies of the government will definitely have a look on it and will definitely give order to stop as soon as possible. To commit mistake is not a big deal but to remain attach after knowing the reality is considered a big blunder. We hope our message will definitely convey to the rulers and the controlling bodies of ad agencies to cease it.

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