A Satire on Hindu Culture by Aamir Khan

PK Movie is taking as a satire on Hindu culture in India now-a-days. It has become the reason to exploit the emotions of all Hindus round the world. They have also recorded their protest against this movie and are putting efforts to remove it from cinemas screen as well.

Religion has always been a core element of every culture in history of Man. It involves believing rather than reasoning and people are always too much sensitive about their religion. Same is the case with Hinduism. PK movie arose negative emotions of the people who are attached with Hinduism.

PK movie has compelled the stakeholders of Hinduism to ponder upon the suspicions which are in minds of common people about religion. Such suspicions have to be satisfied to help people remain attached with the religion confidently.

Contrarily, there are also some Pundits who are endorsing the efforts of PK movie to unveil the black sheep existing in Hindu religion. One Pundit has dared to come on live TV show and pointed out some other facts about Hindu fanatic mentality.

He recalled another Indian movie named OMG in which Paresh Rawal has played similar role like in PK of Amir Khan. In OMG, Paresh Rawal also passed comments over Hindu gods that were not acceptable at all. But there was no protest in response of Paresh Rawal’s role. Pundit clearly indicates that if any Hindu actor was given this role no such reaction might have occurred.

Setting aside all disputed issues, this movie has broken all previous records in the Bollywood with earnings point of view. It has made a business of about 600 million rupees going further than that of Dhoom 3. It is not only getting fame in cinemas of India but also in that of England, America and UAE.


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