A Flying Man on the roads of London

One man starts to show his tricks on the roads of London and likes to be called as magician. Off course, he has showed lot of tricks throughout his career and would be carried on. In recent time, one of famous cola company named Pepsi Cola appointed him to show his famous and new tricks on the roads of London. So he shows his one of tricks of flying in air.

During his demonstration, people started to gaze him as he was doing very unusual tricks which they were never see before and started to applaud him on his wonderful performance. They all got crazy and started to make photos with their cameras and he himself started to do the same with his own mobile.

During his performance, he firstly flew in air then he decided to grip one double decker bus on roads of UK. One can easily examine how that magician just touch that double decker bus as it was not seized firmly. He kept on flying with the double decker bus and people also kept on moving to make his video and photos as far as he remained attached with the bus.

In this whole scenario, some of people also kept on running with that bus to enjoy and to capture the whole moments with their cameras. Many of them have their no voices but there was only one as “wow” and some of them were praising him on his marvelous performance. It was seemed as people never saw anybody doing like that before as that magician was performing.

That magician was enjoying the whole situation which he was seeing as people were getting mesmerized by his unbelievable performance. He also has idea about his performance as it is not as common as other performances people see on daily basis. He also flew in many streets of UK with the support of bus.

At the end, he came down from that bus and gets one can of Pepsi Cola to drink. That guy was professional to do this and he used this profession for his earning purpose. He performs many performances on daily basis on different places and roads of London. As he is professional in his work he gets one of renowned brand for its publicity as he does in the end.

One Man performs extraordinary on roads of London

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