A Big great Lesson in Train

Sometimes very little step changes the whole scenario of the picture as one lad takes step in train against the teaser and stops him. Its all about the ethics which one teaches from their parents, teachers and from his society. It is very common in the societies whenever males find the females alone somewhere in rushy areas like buses, trains, shopping malls, railway stations, airports or elsewhere. They start to harass them without any pause and keep on doing this.

Laws about the harassment have been made in most of the countries and they are applicable with its full strength and nobody can dare to harass any female like this as one vagabond looking at girl in train. As one can see in the video how he starts to gaze on girl even she does not know as somebody is looking at her. But, in the meantime, one male, having a look like student, stands nearby suddenly gets his attention on his gestures.

Video Link: http://pakkinews.com/?p=715

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